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Quote Tips

  • For renewal quotes, remember to include the extra No Claims Bonus year you may be entitled to when your current policy ends.
  • Adjust voluntary excess to reduce your quote and find a balance you're comfortable with.
  • Adding a more experienced named driver such as a family member, can often reduce your price.

Comparison Sites

These types of sites can help you save time by getting quotes from multiple insurance companies. Within a few seconds of submitting your information, the comparison site will start showing you quotes from across the market in order of cheapest first. Car insurance comparison sites will often compare over 100 companies.

We recommend that you try at least two or more comparison sites. The reason is that some of these sites may have unique rates that they have negotiated with insurers for themselves.

Some sites may also include insurers or products that other don’t. For example, Quotezone say they compare 110 insurers but Confused say they compare 120 insurers. This means that Confused includes 10 other companies in their comparison. However, it does not necessarily mean that Quotezone isn’t cheaper for certain risk types, as you don’t know what rates they have negotiated from insurers, so try both.


  • Enter your details once
  • Get multiple quotes from across the market
  • Saves you time visiting each insurer website
  • Shows you the cheapest quote first


  • Not every insurer is included
  • Sites may have different insurers in their comparison
  • Some sites may not have every product included from insurers
  • They don’t cater well for custom/specialist quotes

Monthly Subscription

These products, such as the one offered by Cuvva, give you comprehensive cover for one month with the option of renewing the policy for another month if you so wish. If you renew for 12 continuous months then you will be entitled to a year of No Claims Bonus, just like a regular 12-month policy. You can choose to cancel at any time without incurring a fee.

Cuvva make it easy by enabling you to complete all the documentation and cover renewal process via a mobile app.

Due to it being a monthly policy, there are no direct debit interest fees, as you pay for your cover up front, each month.

Pros (for Cuvva)

  • Flexible month to month cover
  • No deposit required
  • Cancel anytime without charge
  • Earn No Claims Bonus for 12 continuous months
  • No Black Box


  • May work out more expensive as a long-term policy
  • Need to be at least 19 years old (even older for some car groups)
  • Need to download the app to get a quote

Pay Per Mile

For the majority of the time your car is essentially doing nothing, sitting on the driveway or parked in the garage, even though you are still paying car insurance. A pay by mile policy aims to address this problem, essentially the less you drive the less you pay in insurance costs.

With these products you have to pay a standard, very low annual premium, and then you pay for each mile you drive, it’s usually a 2p/3p per mile.

The great thing about By Miles, who offer this product, is that you can get a cost for the journey you want to make via their app. That way you know exactly what you’re being charged for your insurance.

The pay by mile product has become very popular due to the increase in homeworking with people not using their car to commute anymore.


  • Pay insurance only when you drive
  • May work out cheaper than regular policies
  • Suitable for lower mileage drivers
  • Use the app to calculate journey cost


  • May work out more expensive for higher mileage drivers

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